About us

We help world-class teams communicate with their followers and investors.

Equity Front enables companies to grow following and build investor relations from the ground up. Extremely simple to launch, it combines a professional blog, automated newsletter and a beautiful investor updates website. It is a perfect medium to introduce your company, publish short-form announcements and latest results.

We built Equity Front because we believe that great founders should not be constrained by their geographic location or access to capital. We want to help them getting noticed by the press, attract new customers, employees and investors. As companies stay private longer, open communication plays an increasingly important role in fostering trust and transparency in the private markets ecosystem.


The mission does not end here. We want to become a technology partner of amitious entrepreneurs and their investors along their journey as a private company, towards public markets. That is why we have created Equity Front Pro - a data platform that democratises access to company's financial data among key decision makers: managament, employees and investors. With Equity Front Pro businesses can quickly set up a professional KPI analytics and management reporting tool that is faster and easier to use than any other service available on the market! It becomes a center of company's financial data, easily accessible by every employee, not only data scientist and IT specialists.


Piotr Grudzień - Technology

Dominik Posmyk - Product

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