How remote teams share data

Turn all your spreadsheets into a lightweight searchable database.

Data collaboration platform

With Equity Front everybody on your team can create online databases and easily access the right data.

Extremely fast

Intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Real-time sync. No page loads.


Superfast search. No more asking for data or juggling multiple spreadsheets.

Single source of truth

Well-organised data safely stored in the cloud. One-click export to Excel.

Use cases

Organise all you data, however you want.


The simplest and fastest CRM software ever made!

Sales management

Track sales pipeline of your team. Keep records of products sold.

Financial results

One database with all financial results. No more spreadsheets.

Contact list

Internal contact list of all employees. Always up-to-date.

Knowledge base

Store all group passwords, subscriptions and whatever you want in one place.

HR & recruitment

Manage all your recruitments, onboarding and employees in one place.

Product management

Organise your product catalogue, inventory and order book.

Project management

The simplest to-do list that just works. For every project and every team.

Bug tracking

Issue tracking tool optimised for speed. Spend more time actually coding.

Personal CRM

Finally simple CRM. Keep track of everyone who matters in your life.

Expense tracking

Easily control your personal and business expenses.

Coding tasks

Effectively manage tasks for your dev team.

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